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Laundry: The never-ending thankless task

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Have I told you guys how much I absolutely hate laundry?  I seriously think that laundry is the devil’s work.  It’s the 9th circle of hell, and it never ends.  Every week it seems there’s more and more and I never have enough time to really get it done.

Let’s take a look at exhibt A:

... it's swallowing my couch whole.

That is currently my couch. Well, was my couch last night. That is a week’s worth of laundry for Zack and I. As you can see, it’s currently swallowing my couch whole and I think it was starting to become sentient. It’s possible – if I hadn’t hung it up that poor Sonya would have met an untimely demise under the weight of the clothes landslide that was falling off the couch while I’m at work.

Last night Zack and I spent some time with his parents and then we went grocery shopping.  We did our typical, “grocery shop when you’re super hungry and see what you end up with” grocery run and spent a little more than $150.  Thinking about the money we spend, we typically spend about $150 every two weeks which is about $300 a month.  Considering we only eat out and spend money on food typically 4 times a month now, that’s pretty good.

We totally fell victim to the 10 for 10 deals on frozen dinners at Bloom though, as you can see from my freezer:

Zack got Hungry Man, because he's a hungry man!

Notice the return of the Michelina’s Pizza Snack Rolls?  I think Zack almost made a mess in his pants when he discovered they were 10 for 10.   Although, looking at that post that I linked – I bitched about the fact that Zack didn’t eat the honey chicken stir-fry that I made.  Today, he totally chowed down on the steak stir-fry I did with a hint of molasses.

This post is brought to you by the fact that right now I feel like a domestic goddess.

What excites you most at a grocery store?

Love Stephanie 3

Dear Deutsche Telekom;

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I love you!

Dear Deutsche Telekom,

Hi! It’s me, Stephanie.  You might not remember me, but I’ve been a customer of your american branch, T-Mobile for quite some time.  You see, I got onto T-Mobile when the first Sidekick came out, and I’ve stuck with you ever since.  This has been pretty remarkable considering that I used to switch phones and carriers almost as much as I changed underwear.

You have provided me with fabulous service over the years – even when I was living in Wisconsin I had full coverage on your phones.  Your customer service has been second to none, and I always feel that when I call up the person that I’m talking to truly cares about me and my problems.  When I was unemployed, you were gracious enough to give me 3 months of service without having to pay the bill until I got another job, and when I needed to suspend a line of service because the boyfriend who had it broke up with me, you let me suspend it without even batting an eyelash.

You rolled out the first google phone, which I snapped up as soon as it came out and I fell in love with.  Then, you released the Nexus One, and I snapped that up too and loved it.  Now, I have a MyTouch 4g, and I swear, it’s my favorite phone yet – but I might be getting the new Android based Sidekick just because.  I have so many choices with you, and your plans that you provide me allow me to spend extra money on switching phones, because I’m not paying you $200 a month.

I brought my parents onto your plans too, and you have been fabulous with them as well.  Just recently, when your representative helped my father upgrade his phone and the next day you released a lower rate, the sales representative called him on his phone without him having to call in and told my father that the extra money he spent would be showing up as a credit on his next bill – and it did.

And now, you want to get rid of all of us.

This was my first phone on your network... I think. (It might be the Sidekick II)

I understand, you are not based in the US and you have your own issues in Europe.  I know you need to sell T-Mobile so you can focus on the bigger picture.  I’m not mad at you for that.  Did it have to be AT&T though?  Wasn’t there a better option?  Isn’t there someone else who would want to buy us?  We’re a loyal people, the T-Mobile customers.  We love you, and after having so many years of a good relationship, can’t you at least see us off to a better company?  One that will keep our rates low, and our choice high, and continue to bring us innovations?

Deutsche Telekom, I’ve loved you for so long it’s hard to imagine a world without you.  When I first heard about the merger, I was upset and in denial.  I couldn’t believe you were letting us go.  I moved onto acceptence when no one in the government stepped up to say this was a bad idea, but now the DOJ has stepped in and I feel like I should try once last time to plead my case.

I know in my heart that you have to let T-Mobile go, but please, don’t give us to AT&T.

Stephanie Dorman 


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Love Stephanie 3

Today is my Thursday / Who Will Be My Roommate?

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Only two more days of work this work before a four day weekend and I couldn’t be more happy.  I have a ton of stuff to get done today at work today to make it so that I don’t have to work tomorrow besides doing some end of month reports, but I’m still taking the time to write this post because it clears my head before the work morning.  (Plus, I love reading your comments throughout the day, it makes me smile!)

This morning I found the following email in my inbox:

So – what happened?  When all the drama with Zack went down, and he was freaking out and needed to get off the lease, Jen told me that she would sign on the lease.  She started the paperwork to get herself approved, and the leasing office approved her, waived her application fee, removed Zack from the lease, and sent out a new lease to us.

I signed the new lease, Jen didn’t.

One of the reasons she didn’t sign it is because she doesn’t feel like she should have to be on the lease if Zack is staying there for any amount of time.  (Nevermind that her ex-boyfriend lived with us not on the lease for 6 months when not on the lease, and stole from us.)  This largely stems from the fact that she pretty much doesn’t want him around because he lent her $1,000 when she needed it, and then she didn’t get it back to him when she said she would and ignored his texts, and he went off on her so she doesn’t want him around.  (And don’t even get me started on that deal and the rest of the drama surrounding it – they both were wrong there, and you’ll never convince me otherwise.  He shouldn’t have lent her the money and expected it back so soon, and she should have texted him back instead of ignoring him when she had $1,000 of his money.)

She also doesn’t feel that she should have to sign on a lease when all of her stuff can’t move in with her because I actually have stuff now.  (Before I didn’t have anything – even the bed was hers.)  She wants to have an office (which is currently the mancave) and the big bedroom and to furnish the entire living room / dining room – but only pay $700 or $1000.  So I would have to pay $1000 for the small room, or even if it was the big room, but I would have to sell half my shit or move it into storage.

My original plan was to put her in the small room, and only charge her $700 total since I knew she’d have to get a storage unit for her stuff.  This wasn’t supposed to be permanent, only until she got back on her feet – but her signing the lease was part of the deal.

In theory, she’s supposed to be moving in this weekend, but as far as I can tell right now, the lease is only in my name because they already removed Zack.  If that’s the case, and she’s making all these demands, I don’t see why I shouldn’t find someone who is happy signing on the lease with just the small room and shared common rooms for $700.  That isn’t that much to pay for the area we’re in and the house is awesome.

Of course, I already told Jen that she has a place to live up here, so I we’ll figure it out when she gets up here this weekend.  I’m sure we’ll be able to come to a mutually beneficial agreement, it just sucks that it’s coming up now.  (Especially since the original deal was her/me/Zack all there before all the stuff that happened between the three of us.)

But I’m not giving up half the house for less than half the rent, and I’m not going to sell all my stuff so she will be more comfortable.  I’ve spent my entire adult life living in other peoples houses and now I finally have a place that is really my own.  I don’t want to give that up if I don’t have to.

Do you have roommates?  Do you like them?  What problems do you face?


Love Stephanie 3

A Kid with Manners, and a Kid Without

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AKA:  How I (Possibly) Got Hustled By A 6 Year Old

So, for my lunch break I decided to go put gas in my car and get some lunchables from the gas station down the street from my office. While I was in the store, there were three black kids, obviously brothers trying to pick out stuff.  They ended up in front of me in the line, and they didn't have enough money to get everything they wanted, they were a dollar short.  The littlest of the kids turned around and looked at me and asked, "Do you have a dollar I could have ma'am?"  I told him that I didn't yet, but if I checked out I would have a dollar he could have.

Lunchables are amazing. I eat them for lunch all the time even though I'm grown up.

So, I checked out and as the lady was bagging my items, the middle aged said in the nastiest tone I have ever heard come out of a child, "NOW do you have a dollar?"

I seriously considered not giving the kids a dollar after all because of the middle childs tone, but I turned around and gave it to the kid who had polietly asked for it in the first place.  As the child was opening his mouth to thank me, the middle kid said, "Man, don't thank her, did you see how much cash she had?" and took the dollar from the littlest and pushed past me in the line.  I rolled my eyes and continued outside to pump my gas.

While pumping my gas, I saw them exit the gas station, and the two older kids were walking away with their snacks.  The little kid looked at me and yelled at his brothers, "I have to get my bike!"  His older brothers didn't even turn around to look and see where he was going.

He then turned around and ran directly at me where I was pumping my gas, and gave me a hug around my legs and said, "Thanks for the dollar."

He was so cute and so adorable that I reached into my back pocket where I had the other two dollars that were my change and gave them to him.  I told him not to let his brother take them and to stay as sweet as he is today.

Love Stephanie 3

Dear Gordon Beckham

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So last night Ashley and I went to the White Sox vs Orioles at Camden Yards.  Ashley is a baseball freak, in fact, it's all she follows.  She doesn't even have time for fandoms anymore because baseball is her fandom.  I think the last time I went to a baseball game was when Paige won free tickets from Jimmy's to the Nationals - and before that, it was definitely when I was living in Wisconsin and I went to see the Brewers on $1 ticket days.

Ashley and I cheezing at the game. Ashley says she has no hair in this picture, and so we call it her make-a-wish seats.

Ashley's current baseball boyfriend is a fellow named Gordon Beckham who is on the White Sox.  While we were sitting discussing the merits of Gordon Beckham's eyes, and specifically the fact that he has squinty eyes so Ashley doesn't actually know his eye color, he hit a foul ball right at our faces.  We laughed at it - but the next foul ball was right at our faces as well.  In fact, he continued to hit foul balls at our faces the entire night.

(I should note it helped that my tied-for-favorite-fake Uncle Charlie got us the most amazing seats right behind 3rd base on the first row.)

So, Gordon Beckham, if you're googling your name like the vain baseball celebrity you probably are and come across this, please realize that while Ashley still has love for you even though you tried to hit her in the face with a baseball, I am suspecious of you and will keep my eye on you at future games.

Look how close our seats were! Holy crap!

Also, the gentlemen on third base, Brent Morel, who is somewhat cute and tried to throw a ball to Ashley before the game was over.  Unfortunately he threw it a little high, and we were actually discussing the fact that if Ashley married him her name would be Ashley Brent Morel, and we missed the ball.  Some guy behind us got it and wouldn't release it.  So Brent Morel, if you are reading this, thanks for the attempt, next time we will pay more attention.

All and all, the Orioles at least made it an interesting game and we had a lot of fun.  I still maintain that while baseball may be America's past-time, football is America's current game.  Dammit.

I will say that none of those players were hotter than my future-husband Mr. Aaron Rodgers.  Also, I had a hot dog while I was at the stadium.  I feel like hot dogs are required eating any time you go to a baseball game.

What are your favorite sports to watch live?

Love Stephanie 3

Friends Locked

How did we become so broken?
Solitude is the profoundest fact of the human condition. Man is the only being who knows he is alone.
I am a 20 something, trying to make my way through this crazy world one day at time. This is my journal, my thoughts, my life. Through the good and the bad, I use this journal as a kind of release. If you would like to friend me, please do - this journal is only friends locked to protect me from those who wish to use what I say against me. Once friended, feel free to browse the archives, and see the progression over the years. It's highly entertaining. :)
There comes a time when every life goes off course. In this desperate moment you must choose your direction. Will you fight to stay on the path while others tell you who you are? Or will you label yourself? Will you be honored by your choice? Or will you embrace your new path? Each morning you choose to move forward or to simply give up.

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